Mega888 Apk – A Fake Slot Game App That Has Been Found On The Play Store

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Welcome to MEGADroid Android application development! Let us see what’s in store for you. We are Mega Dracodroid Software, developer of this amazing android app, a clone of classic arcade game – Mega Man. It is a joint project of two brothers – Craig and Richard.

Welcome to MEGADroid official Website. The best news about our wonderful free gift is that it’s completely free of cost and give real and latest version of mega888 apk android download for everybody, and above all, it’s absolutely free. Whoa! Anyone who’s interested to acquire MEGA888 and link for FREE, just contact our customer support team and they’ll guide you through all the right steps to obtain your desired data file.

There are many free downloads of apps available on Google Play, but the problem is – it’s just a matter of time before these outdated apps are removed from Google Play list. You may ask, why Google removes apps from their smartphone platform if they’re so popular and trustworthy? Well, it’s simple. Companies who make and develop these apps put a lot of money into it, and consequently Google makes money from the same. So, if these companies want to cut their expenses, they allow android users to have free downloads of their apps which usually don’t even work at all.

It seems very amateurish to us, but yes, it’s a clear scam. The rogue developer made fake versions of Mega Turbo, installed Ad-ware and Spyware on top of it and made a very attractive and enticing free download offer. Now we all know what happens when you download any app – the first thing your computer system do is search for a matching program in its directory and finally gets confused and can’t find one so it just shows you an error message and asks for you to login with your Google account to try to fix the error. After you do that, you will be prompted to enter your Google account information again.

After logging in, you’ll see a big number of pop-ups trying to sell you some product such as coupons, codes or sign-up bonuses. Most of them are scams, but the last one in this article is telling the real story. Apparently, Google Malaysia has conducted a complete research about this particular download and all those who purchased the rogue app were hit with a Malay Mailing Address Verification Error. As a result of that error, all the people who downloaded this bogus application could not access their Google account due to incorrect login id.

Apparently, hackers have been able to manipulate the security settings of Google Play and bypassed all of Google’s security measures. They were able to change the Google login id and create a fake one so that every time you log in, you get the Google Home verification error. Lucky for you, there is still hope because there are now premium Google Play slot game app available in the Google Play Store and it is recommended that you take advantage of them instead of downloading the rogue app from the Play Store. You won’t need to spend a fortune to play these slot games on Google Play because they are offered at a very low price. Don’t forget to check it out before downloading the free app.

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